Perihan Önder-Ridder

Composer was born in Manisa, Turkey, 1960. She started her music training by playing mandolin and cura at the age of seven. She studied at Izmir State The conservatory and Ankara conservatory at early age. She took the advance degree of composition from Ankara State conservatory in 1979. She taught at Izmir State conservatory for a year and than went to Istanbul for her doctoral studies and received her degree at 1987. On a grant program from Hungary, she went to Budapest for a year and studied composition at Liszt Music Academy and Musicology at the Hungarian Musicology Institute. Perihan Onder-Ridder has collected many folk songs, especially laments from different regions of Turkey. She has been living in Dartmund, Germany and teached in Turkish Language Instruction and Music Instruction at Dortmund Universities. She holds the copyright of her works.

Reyes Oteo

(born in 1982 in Sevilla, Spain, resident in Berlin). Composer. She studied at the Conservatory of Málaga obtaining the higher title of Composition. Her interest in electroacoustic music and its interrelationship with other musical and artistic disciplines in general, and more specifically between Art and Technology, has led her to carry out work in this line. In this way, she obtained the highest qualifications in Electroacoustic Composition with media with her work Tehom in 2004. Interaction with the public is present in her works through live audiovisual improvisations in the sample Live Cinema (Experiencias VJs) of the Eutopia Festival of Cordoba (2006), participation in Infinity multimedia project. Also through tours with her works with the dancer and choreographer Katie Duck and the Magpie Music Dance Company (Amsterdam), or through her collaboration in the Improvisation Multidisciplinary Festival in the "Espacio Creación L'mono" of Bilbao and La Aretoa foundation. As a performer of electroacoustic live music she has collaborated on premieres of composers such as Francisco José Martín Jaime (Prelude to the opera Medea), as well as concerts with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Málaga in the Teatro Cervantes, among others.
Selected Works: Abisal; Alumbra, 2002, vl, vlc, fis; Axolot, 2002, vl, vlc, pf; Empezar el juego; Endechas; Fin, s, chamber orchestra; Fragmentos para dominar el silencio; Fuego en Castilla, 2004; Herrena; Magog; Soldado del cielo; Tehom, 2003.


Sabine E. Panzer

(born in 1960, in Judenburg,Austria, resident in Austria), composer. She received her initial musical instruction in recorder, violin, guitar, oboe and piano. She was a member of the children’s and youth ensemble both as a percussionist and as a player of various other instruments. Panzer went on to study music theory and composition in Vienna and Salzburg, supplementing these studies with various master classes. She also studied piano with Markus Hinterhäuser. Decisive impulses came from Luigi Nono and his works. Nono’s death led to Panzer’s radical withdrawal. Her years of absence and travel gave birth to Totenklage (Lament for the Dead, a piece of memorializing  L.Nono. She also experienced further influential encounters with figures including Schäffer, Schnittke, Cage and Stockhausen. Panzer also traveled to Spain to visit Eduardo Chillida and study his space-time sculpture s. For her own music, the composer invented the term “ Centro Assente”-absent center- this being the point of reference that never appears acoustically. Panzer works with “non time areas” and “non-space-areas”, as well as with sound – inherent movement.
Selected works: Homenaje a Los Peines de Los Vientos di Eduardo Chillida for 5 bass and 2 contrabass clarinets, ca. 50 min., Assente III- San Pietro di Colonia, space composition for ensemble +2 voices – acoustic portrait of St. Peter’S /Cologne (premiered in 2005), 60 min, Vocis in Ore, based on 2 non recited poems by Alexander Pope and G.V Catullus, for ensemble (première in Seoul, 2009)
Performances: in Seoul, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Cologne, Warsaw, etc.

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