Helinä Nurmi

Helinä Nurmi (29/03/1949, Lempäälä, Finland) is a violist and composer. She studied music in Tampere Music Institute in Conservatory Department for six years. Her first instrument was piano, but later she changed it to violin. She is not educated, but she partecipated in courses for composers and arrangers in Sibelius Academy in Helsinki by composer Heikki Valpola and Markku Lepistö. She participated too in a course for orchestra conductor for folkmusic teachers by Jorma Panula in Sibelius Academy in 1993. She worked as band-leader in Lempäälä-Institut for 8 years and started to compose about 30 years ago. She composes and arranges folkmusic, dance and vocal for Lempäälän-Pelimannit orchestra, where she has played about for 35 years. She plays classical music too in Nekala Filharmonics in Tampere with first violin. Her really work was technician drawer and she drawed papermachines and power-stations about for 40 years. Now she is retaired (retreated?) and enjoys of her hobby with music and painting. She had a concert in the begin of April 2012 where Lempäälän Pelimannit played 21 of my pieces and she wrote a Notebook by Finale of all pieces.

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