Helle Merete Norup

Helle Merete Norup (04/06/1947, Hellerup, Denmark) is a violinist trained at the Danish Academy of Music. She works within the field of instrumental theatre and gains inspiration from Maurice Kagel (after following his courses in Darmstadt 1977), the Indian philosopher J.Krishnamurti (since 1965) and the English composer Cornelius Cardew (since 1978). Her works include: "The Revolution which disappeared" for string orchestra, winds and musician/actor; "Actions" for strings, flute, oboe and percussion; "The white bird" for violin and percussion dedicated a poem of Anna Akhmatova; "Meditation" for chamber ensemble; "Music, poems and painting" - music collage for mezzo soprano and violin; "Abiding in" for violin and cello. She is currently preparing a music theatre piece "Mandala" for young students at Fredensborg music school.

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