Alexandra Zarandrea Nilsson

(born 1979), is a Swedish composer and trumpeter who composes film and theatre music as well as sound art. She studied at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and graduated with a Bachelor Degree in 2008. Nilsson also studied in the Master program in film scoring, a new education Royal College of Music and DI (the Dramatic Institute), and graduated in 2010. As a musician she has played in many different styles such as Big Band, salsa, folk music, EAM and as a composer she has written music for various short films. Nilsson has great interest in sounds and live electronics. She was nominated for the Unheard Film Festival in Amsterdam in 2009 for her piece Cookies - save me, a piece for only trumpet along with analog effects. She lived and studied in Havana, Cuba in 2002-2004 where she studied trumpet, timbale and arranging at Instituto Superior de Arte, Habana Cuba. In Cuba she directed and wrote for a 13-piece salsa band. Nilsson also traveled in Mexico and filmed, recorded sounds and folklore. Her plans are to continue this work in other Latin American countries. In her works for big bands she is inspired by composers such as Don Ellis, Gil Evans and Frank Zappa.
Selected works: Cookies - save me, for trumpet.
Awards, selection: 2008 SKAP (Swedish Composers of Popular Music)