Sainkho Namtchylak

(born in 1957, in Tuva, Central Asia, resident in Austria), sound artist: singer, composer, actress, poet (writes in her native tongue, English and Russian). She studied traditional Siberian music at the Gnesin Institute in Moscow, Russia. During the course of her singing career, which began in 1986 with folk songs from Siberia, she interpreted nearly all singing techniques from traditional music to avant garde and improvised music. She published two books in 2006: Karmaland (liberodiscrivere, Italy),and Chelo-Vek (Vita Nova, Russia). The album Who stole the sky? was nominated for album of the year by BBC3 in 2005. She has produced nearly 30 CDS with interpretations ranging from her own songs to opera and audio books (wrd, meteorite opera).
Selected recordings: Naked Spirit (cd, 1998), Who stole the Sky? (cd 2005), Nomad (cd Leo Recorde 2007), in Trance (cd, Leo Records 2008)

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