Tania Naranjo

(born in 1971, Santiago, Chile, resident Malmö/Sweden) is a pianist,singer and composer working mostly in the field of world music. She studied piano with Nora Bierwirth at the Conservatorio Nacional/Facultad de Artes – Universidad de Chile and graduated in 1988 and with Marianne Jacobs at the Malmö Academy of Music, Sweden graduating in 1996. Nowadays Naranjo is working as a freelance musician and performs her own music. As a pianist she has interpreted Piazzolla's symphonic music together with Marcelo Nisinman, for example Concierto de Nácar with MAV Symphony Orchestra in Budapest, and Las Cuatro Estaciones Porteñas with Stockholm Symphonic Winds, conducted by Jonas Dominique. Naranjo is a member of Orange Tech & Latin Ensemble together with Svante Henryson, Morgan Ågren, Robert Elovsson, and Paolo Russo. The ensemble performed newly-composed music by Catharina Backman, Peter Lyne, Jorge Alcaide to lyrics by the Chilean poet Vicente Huidobro. She has also played in a touring production of Axion Esti in Sweden, in which she cooperated with Staffan Lindroth and the actor Börje Ahlstedt. In 2008 she started her own band Tania Naranjo's Latin Trio, with the intention of expanding the genre of Latin Jazz. When composing her music, she plays with a rich variety of elements: jazz, bossa, bolero, tango, Chilean folk music, Swedish pop and even contemporary music. Naranjo's music has been played on Swedish National Radio P2, YLE Radio Vega (Finland), Radio Skopje-Macedonia 94.1 FM, and Polish National Radio will broadcast a special program about her music. Naranjo has toured in Scandinavia, Mexico, Litauen, Chile, Faroe Islands and performed at Ethnosfera Festival in Poland. She has performed together with Gotland Sinfonietta.
Selected works: All with lyrics by Pablo Naranjo Golborne: La industria del miedo for V, pf, perc, cb, 2010; Camino negro, for V, tr or for orch, 2010/2011; El paso, for V, pf, Cajon peruano, 2010; Carnaval de los mundos trenzados, for V, pf, perc, cb, charango, 2010; Sargad vals, for V pf, perc, cb, 2010; Silver graveyards, for V, pf, perc, cb, 2010. Instrumental works: Esmeralda, 2013, for pf, fis; Andes, 2011, for pf, fis; Spirits, 2013, for V, fis.
Selected recordings: Tania Naranjo Latin Trio- La industria del miedo, El Valle Records.
Awards, selection: She was awarded the Condor Prize for her contribution as a Latin-American musician in Sweden and has been given grants by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

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Vjera Nikolić

(born in Niksic, Montenegro, 20th century), pianist and composer. She finished high musical school ‘Vasa Pavic’, Podgorica and graduated from the piano department in Musical Academy in Cetinje. Since 1993, she has been working as piano, piano-accompaniment and chamber music teacher in Art school ‘Vasa Pavic’, Podgorica. She worked as a journalist and speaker in RTCG and radio Antena M. from 1994 to 1996. Since 1998 she has been successfully working as a pianist and composer with the Montenegrin National Theatre. Since 2004 she has been organising informal assembles in her school with whom she performs jazz, blues, ethno rock and pop music. Since 2010 she has been a conductor of the chamber choir of Art school ‘Vasa Pavic’ and choir of Montenegrin Parliament.
Selected works: Who’s afraid of Virginia Wolf; Antigona; When women had wings; B.B. night

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Vojna Olivera Nešić

Composer, organiser and pedagogue who graduated from the Music Academy in Belgrade with Enriko Josif. She finished studies with Vojin Komadina at Music Academy in Sarajevo and is currently Professor of composition and harmony at the Faculty of Arts, Zvećan. Her works have been presented in Northridge, L.A., USA 1991, Fairbanks 1993 and 1997, Indiana 1997, Bologna 1999, London 1999, Heidelberg 2002, Brno 2006, Roma 2007, Bari 2009, and performers of her work include the CSUN Wind Orchestra (USA), EUR Orchestra, Bari, Orchestra of Opera Osijek, Zagreb Soloists, Brno Symphony Orchestra, and choirs throughout Serbia. Her principle works include: Alkar, symphony poem (1981), Essence, for violin and string orchestra (1987), Impressions, for wind orchestra (1988), Concert Arabesques, for clarinet and string orchestra (2002), Concerto in Thema Kir Stefan per i 10 strumenti (1999), Sonata for flute solo (1999), Cantata Psalm of David Number 38, for soloists, two choirs and chamber orchestra (1990/1), Saint Yakov Liturgy (1996), Liturgy of Holy Gifts (1995), Stabat Mater (2001), Agnus Dei (2002).

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