Marie-Agnès Nataf

(born in France), composer. Before opting exclusively for music, she studied  in parallel mathematics and music. She chose a comprehensive approach as diverse as possible to the music, and particularly enjoyed  the teaching of Narcis Bonet. She examined in depth piano, chamber music, analysis, harmony, and also flute, counterpoint and conducting. As a pianist, she won the 1st prize in piano and chamber music at the Conservatoire d'Orsay, the gold medal at the Ecole Nationale de Cachan, and the performance degree at the Ecole Normale de Musique of Paris - class of Germaine Mounier. For composition, she worked with Narcis Bonet, Yoshihisa Taira, Edith Canat of Chizy. She was admitted in 1995 to SACEM, and consequently got assistance in the first public performance for the creation of her works. In 2001, during the creation of Révolte sans paroles, she was invited to give a lecture on all of her work. In April 2002, her melodies, selected through an international competition, were given in concert in New York by all North / South Consonance. In 2012, her Bartoquades were selected by competition to be on the list of works proposed by the FFEM exams of second cycle and edited by online Editions Go. Currently, a publishing project of her work is in progress with Paul Wehage, publisher of La Fabrique Musique Music (Musik Fabrik).
Selected works: Elan brisé for flute and piano, 6’30, 2005; Révolte sans paroles for mezzo-soprano, flute and piano, 16’30, 2000; Il fuoco rubato   Anamorphoses III for piano, 2’, 1991 modified in 2012; Bartoquade I - Anamorphoses I, 1’, and Bartoquade II b - Anamorphoses II, 2’, for piano, 1990 modified in 2012; Trois mélodies sur des poèmes de Marie-Isabelle SOLANO, for mezzo-soprano and piano, 8’30, 1981-1983-1986.

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Micaela Natili

(Anzio 22 agosto 1969), compositrice, didatta. Si è diplomata in composizione sotto la guida di Francesco Telli presso il Conservatorio Santa Cecilia di Roma e successivamente ha continuato gli studi presso il Conservatorio Ottorino Respighi di Latina, con Rotili e Meoli. Si dedica attivamente alla composizione, ottenendo riconoscimenti in vari concorsi: “Gocce”, per pianoforte, al Concorso Internazionale di Composizione “Premio V. Bucchi“ 2006, "This is my letter", per Soprano e Orchestra, per "F. Evangelisti" 2000. Nel 2001 ha vinto il Concorso di Composizione "Women Composers" (Venezia) con il brano "Sideree lontananze" per arpa, ottenendo la pubblicazione e l'incisione su Cd della suddetta opera. Sue composizioni sono state eseguite in varie manifestazioni e nel 2002 le è stato commissionato un pezzo, intitolato “Miniature”, dalla Fondazione Adkins Chiti: Donne in Musica", eseguito a Palazzo Altemps (Roma). Si dedica anche all’insegnamento della musica per i giovanissimi, essendosi specializzata negli Stati Uniti in Music Learning Theory, e all’attività concertistica. Ha insegnato pianoforte, armonia ed educazione musicale in diverse scuole nella Regione Lazio.

Nuria Nuñez Hierro

(born in 1980 in Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz, Spain, resident in Berlin). Composer. She studied piano and composition at the Superior Conservatory of Cordoba, Spain. Later she moved to Berlin where she completed her Master studies with distinction at the University of Arts with the composers Elena Mendoza and Iris ter Schiphorst. She also attended seminars with Walter Zimmermann and Arnulf Hermann (instrumentation and orchestration seminars at the Hanns Eisler Musikhochschule). In 2012 she won a scholarship for the masterclasses and workshop of the Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra, with Manuel Hidalgo and Mathias Spahlinger. Her studies have been sponsored by "La Caixa" Foundation, the DAAD and the Government of Andalusia. Her music has been performed in Spain, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Bogota and Mexico.
Selected Works: fogo asperso que alastra no horizonte, 2008, 4 cl, 4 sax (s, a, t, bar), 2 perc, pf; El Arte de la Guerra, 2007; El friso de la vida, 2005, fl, cl, sax, perc, vl, vlc; Sombras azules sobre lienzo rojo, 2007, fl, cl sib, fg, perc, pf, vl, vla, vlc; Trío H5N3, 2006, sax, fis, pf, vlc; Viaje a Itaca, 2007.
Awards: In 2012 the work "Donde se forjan las quimeras" was nominated for the European Composer Award of the Festival Young Euro Classic Berlin. In 2011 she received the prize Promotion of Commissions for young composers of the Academy of Contemporary Music of the Young National Orchestra of Spain (JONDE), and was selected as composer in residence. Other awards received are the Composition Prize of the CDMC (Centro de Difusion de la Musica Contemporanea) of the Spanish Ministry of Culture during the Young Composer's Meeting INJUVE 2009 and the 1st prize from SGAE/Fundacion Autor in the International Composers Competition 2007, among others.