Veronika Mayer

(born in 1977, in Vienna), composer. She studied at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. Mayer studied instrumental and vocal pedagogy under Jochen Köhler, computer music and electronic media under German Toro Perez, composition under Detlev Muller- Siemens and electro-acoustic composition with Karlheinz Essl. She has collaborated in the areas of sound transmission and live electronics for various productions, among them at the Vienna Burgtheater, the Lower Austrian Danube Festival, and with Klang Forum Wien and Neue OPER Wien. Mayer is a member of the multimedia improvisation ensemble “ vbah vs liii superviced “and the association “snim”(spontaneous network for improvised music). Reduction and comprehensibility have great significance in her artistic working method. In recent years she has authored instrumental and electro - acoustic works, sound installations and improvisational concepts in the area of live electronics.
Selected works: Kontur (imploded) for violin, cello and piano (2007), Chromatic Cow Tap Dance for three cellos (2007), Erde for chamber choir (2008).
Performances: Women composer marathon (Vienna, 2007), Essl museum (Klosterneuburg, 2008), Open museum Night (Budapest, 2008).
Publications: “100°C”, on the compilation kapo/ambro (cd, ostblock records 2004).
Awards: Theodor Körner Award (2007)

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