Aline M-Marteville

(born in France, resident in Montpellier), composer, pianist and singer. She studied piano (CA: Certificate of Aptitude), singing (International Award), music theory at the conservatories of Grenoble and Lyon. She received the encouragement and guidance of conductor Jean-Marc Cochereau and Michel Robert, organist and pianist: Courts-Métrages, Pour le Début des Temps, Oriflamme… The truly professional input was carried out in four stages, first by Dervieux Gilles, composer and director of the conservatory: Arches-en-Ciel, Orpheus, Pyrope, Quartz, the latter two forming part of the open cycle " Lapidary " for solo instruments. Jean Ané, double bass solo of the Orchestre National de Montpellier, inserted shortly after, then regularly, commissions for the Festival " Mardi Graves”: Schatten, Form of Storm, ADVENTURES: Fusions prétérites, Shörten, are these opportunities created by prestigious artists such Quartet E4, Stéphane Labeyrie, Jean Ané itself, the trio “Anarchipels”, le Carré de Basses. Jean-Sébastien Béreau commissioned the song cycle with orchestra Yama no oto, first experience of orchestral writing, interpreted several times in concert. After a state commission for piano, a series of international awards asserted Aline Marteville as a composer, as the real encounters (François-Bernard Mâche, Maurice Ohana, Alain Neveux, Wolfgang Rihm, Pascal Dusapin, Klaus Huber) or virtual ( Nono, Berio, Ligeti, Eötvös, Varese, Kagel, Crumb, Lachenmann ), which were aesthetically decisive for both sound world and architecturally of her work. Préhistoires Naturelles, commissioned by the Orchestre National de Montpellier, established in February 2013 in 9 concerts at Montpellier Corum, and Melissani, commissioned by the ensemble M'Sinfonia under the direction of Aymeric Cabley, are created in the 2013, at the Grand Avignon festival « Les Nuits Estivales ». Her artist profile is an invitation to the creations and generates links between pictorial art, literature (prose and poetry), an idea of staging or choreography and the sound art.
Selected works: Series of Access-Kit, for prepared piano solo, 2000-2012, accompanied by " Los mil y el Pozo vuelos " and "Retraites " graphic objects (mixed media); Flutterprism (A), 2009, for prepared piano concerto and large ensemble, derived from TrauerGondelKamm I, 1991,  for solo piano unprepared, (select " ) (festival «Aujourd’hui Musiques», Perpignan "; U.R., 2008, for large symphony orchestra, in memory of André Lodéon, accompanied by a diptych oil on canvas (195 x 153 cm / 200 x 50cm); Mirages, suite cleavable of 22 miniatures from 7 seconds to 2 minutes 30, for eclectic ensemble, 2006; Calcédoines, for string quartet, excerpt from " Lapidaire ", 2004/2005, and Lapidaire cycle in general, accompanied by a poem by the author; Testament des graphes, épitaphe-palimpseste des poètes disparus, 2004, for mixed ensemble of 16 soloists, flute, tenor trombone, cello, piano semi- prepared, percussion (1 performer ) on poems  of Ana Telles-Antunes, Saint-Jean de la Croix and Aline M-Marteville, (Ohana Contest 2004); Genethliakos (Présage ), ritual for female voice (mezzo ), bass flute and six Tibetan bowls, a Greek archaic prose of Aline Marteville, 2003 (2 versions).
Awards: 1st Prize International Piano Encounters in Creuse (France), International Composition Competition Henri Dutilleux, Special Prize Queen Marie-José in Geneva, selected Acanthus Centre composer.  

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