Cĕlia Mara

(born in Brazil, and resident in Vienna), composer. With her latest production BASTARDISTA, Celia Mara catapulted herself into the top acts of the international world music scene. For months she was a presence in the European world music charts, specialist media from New York to Moscow waxed ebullient about her music, and she appeared at very large open air concerts all over Europe as well as at hip clubs and prestigious concert halls. “Brazilian Bastardsound made in Vienna is music by a true world citizen: it’s cosmopolitan, international, multilingual- a style that’s Celia Mara’s very own. She unites the most diverse musical genres of Latin America with a Central Europe approach, all of it in an up-to-date Viennesse electronic package. Celia Mara does her own composing, arranging and production.  In Austria, she was voted “Best World Music Artist” of 2000. In 2003 she received the Herta Pammer Award.
Publications: joga bonito, soundtrack, short documentaries by cc-lab, UK 2005; Bastardista (CD, globalista records 2005), Santa Rebeldia (CD, globalista record 2008).
Performances: Jazz Fest Vienna (2007), Africa Festival Wurzburg (2006), National  Palace of Culture, Sofia 2007.
Awards: Copa de Cultura- Brasil+ Germany, export award of the Brazilian Ministry of Culture (2006).

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | www.celiamara.net