Sofia Martinez

Sofia Martinez (25/10/1965, Vitoria, Spain) studied piano and composition with Carmelo Bernaola. In 1992, she moved to Paris and studied composition with Emmanuel Nunes at the Ecole Nationale de Musique in Romainville. She taught music at the Ecole Nationale de Musique in Sevran, the Ecole de Musique in Parmain and the Conservatorio de Paris XVI. She conducted the Pfizer Choir (Paris), was an organist at the “Eglise lutheriene de la Trinité” (Paris) and stayed at the Spanish Academy in Rome. In 2006, a monographic programme of her work was performed at the Centro Reina Sofia in Madrid and the Orchestra of the Community of Madrid premiered her work “Roma”. She taught composition at the Conservatorio Superior of Las Palmas (2007), and her works “Estelas en la mar”, “Une tragedie industrielle” and “Soñando” were performed by the Sinkro Group on national and international tours to Stony Brook University, New York and Amherst University, Massachusetts (USA), the Chihuahua Festival (Mexico), the E-Werk Hall in Freiburg (Germany), Italy and Spain.

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