Zeltia Montes

(born in 1979 in Madrid, Spain). Composer. She obtained a degree in Music theory, accompaniment, solfeggio and transposition from the Madrid Royal Music Conservatory in 2002. During this period, she studied as a classical pianist. At the same time, she decided to study modern music at the Creative Music School in Madrid, where she focused on modern harmony, composition, piano and voice. In January 2005 she moved to Boston to study Film Scoring at Berklee College of Music. Currently, she combines her activities as a composer for film and TV with concert music commissions. In 2008 she moved to Los Angeles, CA, and currently lives between Spain and the US.
Selected works: TV hoor meats, 2006, ob, tr; Siesta en Madrid, 2007, fag, vl, pf; En las musarañas, 2010, fl, ob, cl sib, fag, mar, knuckles and wood table, suspended cymbal, bass drum, wooden stick, 5 crystal glasses, drums (2), arp, pf, vl I, vl II, vla, vlc, double bass; Si mis manos pudieran deshojar, 2010, vl, pf; Sonata for bassoon and piano, 2007; El camino del cid, Oud, Gadulka, Harp, Flute, Trumpet, Clarinet, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Strings, Snares, Djembé, Tambourine, Frame Drum; Pradolongo, 2008, Bagpipe, Celtic Harp, Zanfona, Bass Drum, Tambourine, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Acoustic Guitar, Spanish Guitar, Pad and String Section; The happets in the kingdom of the sun, 2010, Piano, Guitars, Recorders, Electric Bass, Double Bass, Percussion, Body Percussion, Drums, Voice, Harpsichord, Celesta, Choir and Symphony Orchestra; Lovetown, 2012.
Selected Awards: Winner of the 10th Moondance International Film Festival 2009 in the category of Best Film Score for "Pradolongo". Colorado, USA; Award of Excellence for the Best Original Score/Song for "Pradolongo" at the 2009 Accolade Competition. CA, USA; Award of Merit for the Best Original Score/Song for "El Camino del Cid" at the 2009 Accolade Competition. CA, USA; Gold Award for Pradolongo Original Soundtrack at the 2008 Aurora Awards. UT, USA; Best Music in a Documentary, for the Main Title Music for "El Camino del Cid" at the Movie Music Competition of the 7th Garden State Film Festival, 2009. NJ, USA; Gold Medal for Excellence, Director's Choice for "Pradolongo" Award for the Best Impact of Music in a Feature Film at the 6th Park City Film Music Festival, 2009. UT, USA

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