Maria Dolores Malumbres

Was born in Alfaro (La Rioja) in 1931, she began her musical studies with her father. Got the first degree in music theory and piano in Cordoba. Since that year, she studied piano, harmony and analysis with Fernando Remacha until 1957, obtaining the piano title as a free student at Madrid Royal Music Conservatory. After a long parenthesis, between 1980 and 1987, took part in composition, analysis, music graphies and contemporary piano courses with Carmelo Bernaola, Luis de Pablo and Luigi Nono, among others. Her works from this time show a non-tonal, with a strong tendency contrapuntal, and writes for various instruments solo, chamber groups and orchestras. In 2009 was published a book on his musical thinking entitled “Las claves de la música de M.ª Dolores Malumbres” written by his disciple Carlos Blanco Ruiz.