Clara Maïda

(born in France, 1963, resident in Paris and Berlin), composer. She turned to music composition after studying psychology (1982-86) and music (1st Prizes in piano, CNR Nice in Anne Quéfellec class, 1983 and composition, CNR Marseille, 1997- and National Diploma for piano teaching -1995). She has attended master classes and composition courses with Helmut Lachenmann, Philippe Manoury, Gérard Grisey  and Tristan Murail (Acanthes Centre, 1999, 1996, 1993 and 1992) and Marco Stroppa  ( Paris CNSM, 1999-2001). Laureate of Hors Les Murs program (French Institute, Paris, 2012) and guest of the Artists-in-Berlin program of the DAAD (2007-08), her other awards are : Kompositionspreis der Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart 2011, Berlin-Rheinsberger Kompositionspreis, Musica Nova (Finalist), Earplay (Honorable Mention) in 2008, Prix Ars Electronica, 2007 (Honorary Mention), the Akademie der Künste grant (Berlin, 2006), Salvatore Martirano Memorial 2nd Prize (2003). Since 1997, she has received commissions or residencies from Donaueschinger Musiktage, Paris GRM, French Ministry of Culture and L’Itinéraire, Accroche Note, Proxima Centauri ensembles and Arditti quartet, French SACEM, DAAD, Akademie der Künste and Electronic Studio of the Technische Universität (Berlin), Marseille GMEM. Her pieces have been performed by numerous ensembles in many festivals all around the world. She has given lectures and conferences in various institutions in France, Germany and New York.
Selected works: Kinêm(a)bstract [2nd part of the series Kinêm(a)], amplified fl, sax, prepared pf, perc, first performance «Opus 12.3 » Bordeaux, may 4, 2012 ; X/Y, 7 amplified singers, with resonators and additional percussive objects, first performance, « Donaueschinger Musiktage », Donaueschingen october 16, 2011; Shel(l)ter - seither... ( ) ...Splitter and hinter... ( ) ...Eiter [piece in 2 parts - 3rd and 4th parts of the series Shel(l)ter], 11 amplified str, first performance «Ultraschall festival », Berlin,  january 30, 2010 ; Shel(l)ter - unter... ( ) ...Gitter [2nd part of the series Shel(l)ter], clt, fag, vcl, 3 perc, elect, fist performance «Ultraschall festival », Berlin,  january 30, 2010 ; Shel(l)ter - später... ( ) ...Winter [1st part of the series Shel(l)ter], clt, fag, vcl, 3 perc, elect, first performance, “Les Musiques » festival, Marseille, may 16, 2009  ; Mutatis mutandis, 12 amplified strings, first performance Klang! festival, Hamburg september 28, 2008 ; Doppelklänger, prepared and amplified pf, first performance « Inventionen » festival, BerlinHeather, july 25, 2008 ; Kinê-Diffr(a)ct [1st part of the series Kinêm(a)], amplified fl, sax, chit, prepared pf, perc, vl, vla, first performance “Opus 8.2 » Evening, T.N.T. of Bordeaux, april 10, 2008 ; Ipso facto [2nd part of the series Psyché-Cité/Transversales], elec-solo, first performance « Fünf + 1 » Evenings, Berlin september 21, 2007   ; Fluctuatio (in)animi [1st part of the series Psyché-Cité/Transversales], fl, vl, vla, vcl, cb, elec, first performance november 25, 2006.
All the works prior to 2000 are removed from the catalogue.

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