Vera Milanković

(London, 11th March 1953), composer, pianist and pedagogue, graduated from the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. A world-renowned educator and researcher, she is currently engaged in an important project regarding traditional instrumental and vocal Serbian music, research which she incorporates in lectures and compositions and she also gives many concerts (with live performances, recordings, and published works). Milanković works in the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, in the department for music theory, and has a special interest in music pedagogy and science. She is also the founder and director of the Pedagogical Forum, an international annual symposium of music and drama professionals. Her papers have been presented at the ESCOM (European Society for Cognitive Sciences of Music), ICMPC (International Conference of Music Perception and Cognition), SRPME (Society for Research in Perception of Music and Education) and CIMO (Conference of Interdisciplinary Musicology) meetings. She is on the Editorial board of the literary quarterly, Vukova zaduzbina, and is a member of the Association of Composers in Serbia and the Music teachers Association of Serbia. Amongst her works: Sonata for violin, cello and strings, Suite Stratinščica, for soprano, female chorus and chamber orchestra, Concert for piano and orchestra, Sonata for violin and cello, Two songs after Blake, Anagnorisis, for symphony orchestra, songs for children.