Svetlana Maksimović

(Novi Bečej, 28 th June, 1948), studied in the department of composition and orchestration in Belgrade with Vasilije Mokranjać. In 2006 she received a doctorate in composition from the University of Toronto with her orchestral work, Four Museum Rooms. She has been teaching harmony, counterpoint and composition in Belgrade (at the Stanković music school) and in Canada, as assistant at the University of Toronto and in private schools. She is active as a composer both in Serbia and Canada, presenting her works in the most important national festivals, including the International Review of Composers in Belgrade and the Canadian Music Festival. She has also written theoretical essays exploring the works of contemporary composers, with a particular interest in the use of church music and chants. Her works have been commissioned by the Canadian Women Composers Association and the Windsor Symphony strings, amongst others, and her compositions have been performed by leading musicians both in Serbia and Canada (Toronto Symphony orchestra, RTS Symphony orchestra, Irina Arsikin, Mladen Jagušt and others). Her most prominent works include: Sketch for Orchestra (1977), Four Museum Rooms (2006), Light Approaching (1998), The White Angel (1996), Pieces of Time in my Hands (2002) and Voices (2000).