Elo Masing

(born in 1984, in Tallinn, Estonia, resident in London), composer. Her interest in composition grew out of her passion for improvisation. From an early age she started playing the piano and this later led to free improvisation on the violin. Most recently to composition studies at the Royal Academy of Music in London where she is studying with David Sawer. Elo's music has been performed throughout Europe at festivals that include Caro Amadeus and Camogli in Musica in Italy, Musik på Slottet in Stockholm, the Estonian Music Days 2005, and 2007 in Tallinn, and the international Messiaen festival From the Canyons to the Stars , the Music of Olivier Messiaen in London. Her works have recently been performed by the Tallinn-based ensemble Una Corda and the CoMA London Ensemble. Elo worked with figurative artists and created electro-acoustic music for Ene and Aino Jakobi's exhibition Vihmavarjutus (Eclipse of Rain) at the Tallinn Gallery of Architecture and Design in 2008. She has also worked with the choreographer Karmen Ong on her performance Off the Stage and created music for the animated film Proboscidian, produced in collaboration with a group of young animators. As a free improviser, she has performed at the Walestonia Festival in Cardiff with the pioneers of Estonian free improvisation Anto Pett, and Anne-Liis Poll. Her work Kellamängutoos, was written for Ensemble Una Corda , Tallinn-based group that combines three very unusual instruments-the harp, harpsichord and kannel. The Estonian chromatic kannel is a plucked string instruments related to the zither.
Selected works: Kellamängutoos
Awards: Elo is the recipient of the Cultural Scholarship of the Republic of Estonia (2008), the Archimedes Foundation Scholarship (2008), the Ismena Holland Award (2008), and the Erkki-Sven Tüür Award (2009).