Vanesa Martín

(born in 1980 in Málaga, Spain). Singer and songwriter. In 2006, she recorded her first album Agua (produced by Carlos Jean). This album was reissued in 2007, including a version of "Durmiendo sola", performed a duet with David De Maria and the song Lluvia. During the following years, she toured Spain with a concert tour, composed songs for national and international artists and was the opening act in concert tour for Alejandro Fernández Spain. In 2009 the multinational recorded for Warner Music and released their second album, Trampas, produced for Bob Benozzo Milan. In 2010 she re-released the album "Trampas", which includes the DVD of the concert at the Teatro Cervantes in Malaga. In February 2012 released their third album, Cuestión de piel, produced by David Santisteban, which includes collaborations Malú, Pablo Alboran, La Mari of Chambao and guitarist Jose Antonio Rodriguez Cordoba. In October 2012 published "Ven, siéntate y me lo cuentas..." acoustic concert recording of the 17 September 2012 in the Olivar de Castillejo Foundation (Madrid).
Selected works: Agua (EMI, 2006); Trampas (Warner Music, 2009); Cuestión de piel (Warner Music, 2012); Ven, siéntate y me lo cuentas... (Warner Music, 2012)
Awards: In 2010 received the 2009 Dial Award given to Cadena Dial.