Margarita Muñoz Escolar

(born in 1971 in Spain). Composer and conducter. She studied Music Education, Music Theory, Composition and Choirs. Later she continued her training in the field of conducting at the Canford Summer School of Music (Great Britain) and as a student at the Conservatory of Music of Murcia. She has contributed to the diffusion of Murcia music, both as Director of the Orfeon Murciano "Fernández Caballero" since 2000, as well as from the field of management, as coordinator of the program of activities of the Cultural Center "Infanta Elena" of Alcantarilla and as coordinator of the program Cantemus program, Network School Choirs of the Region of Murcia. As a composer, she has a catalog of over 30 compositions for several vocal and instrumentals groups.
Selected recordings: Caballeros del Rey: marcha, 2004, band; Cantos del poeta (1. Nadie- 2. Devoción y angustia- 3. Aurora), 2005- 2006, choir (voices- bi); El Conquistador: marcha, 2002, band; Cordero de Dios, choir (voices- bi); Cuatro piezas numerals, 1997, pf; Imágenes y alma, fl orchestra; In Paradisum, choir v. b., choir (voices- bi); Misa para unas campanas, 2004, choir (voices- bi); Nana del limonero, choir (voices- bi); Voces Dei, choir (voices- bi), muecín, shofar, cmp.
Awards: Award of Honor Thesis in choral directing career