Guillermina Motta

(born on 26th February 1942 in Barcelona, Spain). Songwriter. In 1964, Guillermina Motta joined Els Setze Jutges and soon they published their first single "Els snobs Els". In 1965 she recorded the Recital Guillermina Motta and in 1966 she made her debut at the Palau de la Musica Catalana in Barcelona in a collective concert with Els Setze Jutges. In 1970 she starred in the film "Topical Spanish" and presented her album in tribute to cuplé "Remena nena". In 1971, she produced the spectacle of couplets in Barcelona entitled "Guillermina Motta". In 1972 she appeared in the film "Los viajes escolares" and presented a show "Tango con Enric Barbat y Biel Moll", which was recorded on disk. In 1973 recorded a special program in the series "A su aire en TVE", filmed a Mario Gas's short film with tango songs and recorded an album in Castilian with letters of Manuel Vázquez Montalbán "Guillermotta en el país de las Guillerminas". In 1974 she starred in a special television program entitled "Cançons que estimo en els llocs que estimo" and TVE issued "La hora de Guillermina Motta". In 1980 she starred in the TV show "Cantem" and in 1981 the series "Les Guillermines del Rei Solomon" was broadcast on TVE Catalunya program in which she played several characters and sang songs of her repertoire and others created for the occasion with lyrics by Narcís Comadira and music by Joan Vives, songs that were later recorded on a disc. That year, she also performed with her show "Guillermina de dotze a una". In 1990 she presented the "Querido Cabaret" program on TVE. She created in 1974 her LP " Cançons que estimo per a la gent que estimo". Her last concert performance was on 27 and 28 November 2002 in Barcelona.
Selected Recordings: Llegendes de Catalunya • 33 rpm Edigsa, 1975; L'any de la dona • 45 rpm Edigsa, 1975; Canticel • 33 rpm Edigsa, 1976; Vota Motta • 33 rpm Zafiro, 1977; Una bruixa com les altres • 33 rpm Discophon, 1981; Les Guillermines del Rei Salomó • 33 rpm Discophon, 1981; Lluny de Malibú • LP Blau, 1987; Bestiari • LP Zebra, 1989; Segons la lluna • Doble CD Novoson, 1993; Íntim • CD Audivis, 1999; Fent equilibris. Edita Columna Música, 2002.
Awards: Among her awards may be noted that in 1965 the Recital Guillermina Motta won the Grand Prize of "Disc Català de l´Any"