Shaila de los Ángeles Morales de las Heras

(born on 28th August 1979 in Madrid, Spain). She studied singing under the tutelage of Robert Jeantal before touring extensively with her mother, Rocio, as a back-up singer, throughout Spain, Mexico and the United States. While continuing her studies in Miami, she recorded a series of demos including a session of songs by English songwriter Richard Daniel Roman. In 2001 she moved to Mexico and signed with BMG who later released her eponymous debut album. This album was followed by Recordando in 2006 on EMI, an album dedicated to her mother and which went straight to number one in Spain. She has also performed at the Latin Grammy Show singing "Amor Eterno". In 2009 she opted for a different gender, Ranchero. The album was a success in Mexico, the United States and Spain. After living in Mexico for more than 8 years, now resides in the city of Los Angeles (California). In 2011 she recorded the album Así.
Selected Recordings: Albums: Shaila (BMG, 2004); Recordando (EMI, 2006); Tanto Amor (EMI, 2008); Corazón Ranchero (EMI, 2009); Asi (EMI, 2011).