Alicia Montes Martín

(born on 20th January 1973 in Granada, Spain). Composer. She studied music theory, piano, harmony, counterpoint, analysis and contemporary musical composition for organ in the Cultural Association Valentin Ruiz Aznar in her hometown. She completed her training by attending an Instrumentation and Orchestration seminar with Alberto de la Oliva and Antonio Gualda in the Auditorium "Manuel de Falla" in Granada and studying harmony at the Conservatory of Granada. Since 1985 she has been known for several compositions for guitar and piano, and electroacoustic.
Selected Recordings: Aliss, 1986, pf; Alisserando, 1987, tape; Ano cross; Encadenamiento vicioso, 1992, electr; Es para tí, 1985, pf; Infinitive of Purpose, 1992, electr; Patotelocotomía difusa, 1992, electr; Piano Crass, 1987, tape.