Sanda Majurec Zanata

(born in 1971 in Mali Loπinj, in Croatia), composer. She studied composition with Stanko Horvat at the Music Academy in Zagreb, graduated in 1997. She also studied the harpsichord with Viπnja Maæuran, later perfecting her skills in the performance of baroque music She furthered her studies in Semmering, Austria, with Erich Urbanner, in Szombately, Hungary with Michael Jarrell an in Darmstadt Summer Courses, Germany. In 2006 she resides and worked at the International Centre for Composer in Visby, Sweden. Her pieces are performed on festivals and concerts in Europe, Israel, Canada and Argentina by Croatian and international artists and esnsembles. She also preformes her own pieces for harpsichord. She has collaborated with Italian composer Robert Zanata in work on composition for acoustic instruments and electronics . She works part- time at the music Elly Basic and at the Music Academy in Zagreb. She works as an Associate Professor at the Art Academy/Department of Music, J.J Strossmayer University in Osijek, Croatia. As a composer actively participated in various concerts and festivals of contemporary music ( Music Biennale Zagreb, Music Festival in Opatija, Pula, Osorske musical evenings, the performances of the Zagreb Philharmonic, Amadeo Summer Scene, Bartok Festival in Szombathely (Hungary) and elsewhere.
Selected works: Un soffio ed un sospiro, for Pierrot Solaire, inspired by the text she was sent by Luisa Sello.