Rumania Marton

(born in 1942, in Sofia, Bulgaria), composer, pedagogue and performer. She graduated from “Pancho Vladigerov” State of Academy of Music composition with Prof. Marin Goleminov in 1969. Since 1971 she has worked at the National Academy for Theatre and Film Art “Krastio Sarafov”. She teaches music and singing. Between 1988 and 1996 Marton worked as a teacher and composer at the children’s studio at “Tears & Laugh Theater. Between 1990 and 1995 she was a composer, pianist and teacher of singing at the 4 x C” Theater with Director N. Georgiev. She is the author of the music of more than hundred shows, TV performances and films. She has worked with the directors L. Groys, An. Mihailov, E.Halachev, N. Lutzkanov, N. Seikova, S. Stjanov, Kr. Spasov, V. Tzankov, A. Salzer, T. Tarasova. A. Plisetzki, B. Indra. Marton participated in the international Meeting of Composers from Bulgaria and the Netherlands ( 1979, 1981, 1983). Her name has been listed in the Shakespeare music Catalogue of the American Encyclopedia of Shakespeare Plays with the Director L. Groys (1988). Currently, she is Associate Professor of music at the National Academy for theatre and Film Art “Krastio Sarafov”.
Selected Works: Stage music: Two TV ballets for two grand pianos and percussion (1967); Parables of Asparuh for three actors, six ballet soloists, chamber ballet, strings, percussion and two grand pianos (1972). Choral –orchestral: Poetry about Sozopol for strings, percussion, grand piano, mixed choir and two actors, lyrics by N. Indjov (1971). Chamber music: Cycles: for strings, percussion and piano (1973); for violoncello and piano (1961, 62,63) Piano Cycles: Moods for children (1962), First volume (1964); Second Volume (1964-68). Fragment 27 for two pianos (1970).
Choral music: My Bulgaria, cycle for mixed choir and piano, lyrics by V. Petkova (1968). Vocal music: Vocal cycles: For strings, percussion, grand piano and low voice: after poems by Stefan Tzanev and Walt Whitman (1968), For basso and Piano : after poems by Jacques Prйvert (1966), V. Petkova (1969), Y. Stoilova (1970), L. Grois (1993). Lora- Yavorov Monologues ( 1970), For soprano and grand piano: Mini mono operas : Iliad II (1997); Medea II (1998); Medea’s dreams after poems by A. Martonova (1998). For voice and grand piano: Iliad (1996).


Sabina Manetti

(Piombino, 19 Giugno 1967), cantante, compositrice, editore di coro. Studia canto presso l’Istituto “Pietro Mascagni” di Livorno e si diploma in artista del coro nel 1989. Nel 1992 comincia a insegnare Tecnica Vocale presso “Volterra Jazz”. Tra le sue composizioni“Chant d’initiation” e “Mae-We”. Nel 2000 fonda la “Tribù Vocale Patchworld”, coro multietnico di voci e percussioni. Nel 2005 la tribù partecipa al cd "Lesamoré” della “Banda Improvvisa” di Orio Odori. Nel 2006 registra come solista “Libertè, Creatività, Femminitè”.

Sanda Majurec Zanata

(born in 1971 in Mali Loπinj, in Croatia), composer. She studied composition with Stanko Horvat at the Music Academy in Zagreb, graduated in 1997. She also studied the harpsichord with Viπnja Maæuran, later perfecting her skills in the performance of baroque music She furthered her studies in Semmering, Austria, with Erich Urbanner, in Szombately, Hungary with Michael Jarrell an in Darmstadt Summer Courses, Germany. In 2006 she resides and worked at the International Centre for Composer in Visby, Sweden. Her pieces are performed on festivals and concerts in Europe, Israel, Canada and Argentina by Croatian and international artists and esnsembles. She also preformes her own pieces for harpsichord. She has collaborated with Italian composer Robert Zanata in work on composition for acoustic instruments and electronics . She works part- time at the music Elly Basic and at the Music Academy in Zagreb. She works as an Associate Professor at the Art Academy/Department of Music, J.J Strossmayer University in Osijek, Croatia. As a composer actively participated in various concerts and festivals of contemporary music ( Music Biennale Zagreb, Music Festival in Opatija, Pula, Osorske musical evenings, the performances of the Zagreb Philharmonic, Amadeo Summer Scene, Bartok Festival in Szombathely (Hungary) and elsewhere.
Selected works: Un soffio ed un sospiro, for Pierrot Solaire, inspired by the text she was sent by Luisa Sello.