Leonora Milà i Romeu

(born on 13th March 1942 in Vilanova i la Geltrú, Barcelona, Spain). She studied under Ricard Viñas the famous teacher and founder of the Maria Canals International Competition in Barcelona. She has performed in Europe, Asia and America as soloist and as part of the London Philharmonic and several other notable orchestras. Among these performances, she has been included in recordings of 15 Cds. Leonora Milà has completed over 100 compositions for piano, piano and voice, chamber music, symphonic music, opera, and ballet. Her works are edited and distributed by the New York Internation Music Company, and by Deltell & Son in Andorra.
Selected Recordings: Canciones para voz y piano. Leonora Milà, piano; Maria del Àngels Sarroca, soprano. 1985 (LP); Concerto para piano y orquesta y musica para ballet. London Philharmonic Orchestra; Brian Wright, director; Leonora Milà, piano. 1993 (CD). Habaneras para piano. Leonora Milà, piano. 1992 (CD).
Selected Works: La amada, La nº 2, Op. 13, 1976; Aniversari nº 4, Op. 14, 1985, voice, pf; Canço de la mort callada, Op. 61, 1991, voice, pf; Carnaval, Op. 43, 1985, pf; Concierto nº 1 para piano y orquesta para la mano izquierda, Op. 11, 1974, pf, string orchestra; Concierto nº 2 para piano y orquesta, Op. 28, 1978, symphony orchestra.

Ljiljana Marković Antonović

(Belgrade, 1st January, 1979) lives and works in Belgrade where she went to Musical High School and where she is currently studying music pedagogy at the Faculty of Music. She started composing upon her father’s advice and writes her own texts. She has created electro-romantic music using the pseudonym Epiphany published on the Cold Trinity label. The turning point in her career came with her arrival in the Kinovia gtoup, where she performs as a violinist and vocalist (albums Snenia, 2002, Basilico, 2003 and Knjiga Pelinova, 2007, Songs for Aliénor, 2005).

Maika Makovski

(born in 1983 in Spain). songwriter, singer, guitarist and pianist. Between 1998 - 2003, Maika changed her country of residence, settling in Barcelona to record her first album Kradiaw (2005, PAE), which brought her to the attention of the mainstream press. In 2007 she recorded her second album Kraj so Koferot (2007, Wildpunk Records). In 2009, Maika and her band recorded 12 new songs under the production guidance of John Parish. This new collection forms the eponymously titled Maika Makovski, her first album to receive an international release and international attention.
Selected recordings: Kradiaw (2005); Kraj so Koferot (2007); Maika Makovski (2010); Desaparecer (2011); Thank You for the Boots (2012)
Awards: At 15 she won her first professional recognition in a major local contest with a jury formed of members of Sony Music, Rockdelux and RNE (Spain's National Radio), and has won other awards such as Altaveu Frontera '03, Balears Sona '02 and Eurofest '02 in Macedonia.

Contact: www.myspace.com/maikamakovski