Susanna Lindeborg

(born in 1952 Halmstad, resident SkipÄs, Sweden) is a jazz pianist, keyboard player and composer. She started to play the piano at the age of 5. After receiving a classical education Lindeborg moved to Gothenburg and started her education at The Music Conservatory in Gothenburg (now The Academy of Music and Drama). Here, she came in contact with improvised jazz music, which became an important source of inspiration for her. Lindeborg mixes her plying the piano with electronic instruments. Something which has been significant for Mwendo Dawa, which she has led together with saxophone player Ove Johansson since the start 1974. She joined the female jazz group Salamander (1979). From 1974 -1994 she taught improvisation in piano and vocals at Academy of Music and Drama. Lindeborg's first solo CD was released 1989 and contained a lot of her own music. The same year she started the record label LJ Records together with Ove Johansson, presenting her own and other Scandinavian musician's music. Mwendo Dawa has toured in 25 countries in Europe, North and South America playing at festivals such as; Montreux, Northsea , Montreal, with radio and TV broadcastings in many countries. In recent they have been playing in USA and Canada regularly. Lindeborg writes a lot of the music for the group. Salamander also aroused a lot of attention in Europe and in USA. Today she also plays in the Lindeborg/Johansson Duo as well as solo performances with piano improvisation with electro acoustical backgrounds. Lately she has been touring with the trio Natural Artefacts with performances in the world of improvised music as well as the world of electro acoustic music. Lindeborg is a member of the board of the Swedish Jazz Academy and she has sat in reference groups of the The Swedish Arts Grants Committee. She writes in the publication Swedish Jazz.
Selecetd works: Annasus, Improvement, Technogirl, Walking Puase, Fast Trip.
Recordings: With Mwendo Dawa: Basic Lines, SLP2634; Live at Montreux Jazzfestival, DRLP28; Breathing Cluster LJCD5217; Live at Fascing, LJCD5244; With Lindeborg/Johansson Duo: Thoughtful World LJCD5253.

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