Corinne Latteur

(born in Binche, Belgium, resident in Italy). She received her diploma of excellence in piano in her native country receiving the Medal of the Government as well as the First Prize for music theory at the Conservatory. She graduated with honors in composition at the Conservatory "V. Bellini" of Palermo and in conducting as the first woman graduate in Sicily in both disciplines  Since 1996, Maestro Latteur is director of the Choir " Voces Concentus " Association " Father Don Puglisi " in Palermo, the late priest killed by the Mafia for which the teacher has also directed and orchestrated the music for a short film about her courageous life. In 1999 and in 2000 she was representative of the Sicilian composers for the Fondazione Arena di Verona, where two of her works were performed at the Philharmonic Theatre : "Dream of Silk " and "Black Out" . In January 2005, she directed the Chamber Orchestra Gino Marinuzzi in a concert organized by the Regional Province of Palermo in the program, the world premiere of her " First Concerto for Violin and Orchestra " dedicated to the victims of the tsunami in South- East Asia ( solo : Salvatore Petrotto ), available on DVD). In October 2005 she became director of the Choir of Palermo Frederick , directing the choir in all its musical events in various festivals and concerts in every part of Sicily . And in 2005 at the IV Festival of Sacred Choral Music convened by' Cultural Association Choir polyphonic " Dei Cantores ", in recognition of the complexity of the piece performed ("Christmas " by P.Tonassi, transpose music Sacred Hymn of the eponymous A. Manzoni ).
Awards: In 2003, Corinne Latteur and her Orchestra were winners of the 1st prize at the " 5th European Competition Antonino Miserendino category for the Chamber Orchestra.
Selected Works: On April 26, 2007, C.Latteur recorded her latest CD "Emotions", containing music she composed and directed. She released her first CD "Mirror invisible"( Panastudio Productions) containing his own music performed by the G.Marinuzzi and directed by the composer herself. C.Latteur was called to write the music for the short film titled" Alina" (of C.Bosco and R.Lanteri)