Lin-Ni Liao

(born in Taipei,Taiwan, 1977, resident in France) composer, musicologist, permanent researcher at the Paris-Sorbonne (MINT-OMF) University. Trained as a pianist, she received her prize for composition at National Taiwan Normal University in 2000. She received several composition prizes in Taiwan, France and Italy in the International Competition Valentino Bucchi, ISCM (8th Forum of Young Artists Music Radio-France). She was awarded the Diploma in composition at the Ecole Normale de Musique in Paris where she was a pupil of Yoshihisa Taira She also studied composition with Allain Gaussin and Philippe Leroux. Her music is in search of a philosophical and musical fusion between time, space, spatialization and timbre between the physical and musical gestures, between the visual and the auditory. Her music is performed in Taiwan, among others at the National Concert Hall in Taipei, and in France (Cité de la Musique, Centre Pompidou, Musée du Quai Branly etc.), also in various festivals like the IRCAM ManiFeste, Extension Paris, Why Note Dijon, by the Asian Composers League (ACL), the International Music Council of UNESCO, the ensembles : Cairn, Multilateral, Proxima Centaur , L’instant donné and Arsenale, the Osmose saxophone quartet, the Tapei Contemporary Chamber Orchestra, etc. She has a PhD in musicology, author of the book Thinking musical Edith Lejet and the thesis Cultural Legacies and modern thought - Taiwanese contemporary composers trained. She is founder of the concert series MAS (Music scene today) and TPMC (All For Contemporary Music) in Paris and has been TPMC artistic director since 2012.
Selected works: Poussière dans le vent, 2013, fl, vln, vcl, pf, first performance, festival Rieti, Italy, july 13, 2013 ; De Animatae, 2013, Alto-Soprano Recorder, piano/toy piano, first performance « Forum Neue Musik », Hamburg, Germany, may 25, 2013 ; Le train de la vie IV - TT , 2012, electroacoustic, firt performance Pompidou Center, june 30, 2013 ; Le train de la vie III - WE , 2012, Erhu, elctroacoustic, first performance Taipei, Taiwan, march 24, 2013 ; Maui tikitiki a Taranga, 2011, pre-recording, perc, Keyb/Puppet Theater, Théâtre du Petit Miroir (Issy-Les-Moulineaux, France) ; TTy (a,b,c,d,e), 2011, Grand Tam Tam, Tsuey-Ying Tai - (a,b,c,d) MAS Concert, Théâtre du Petit Miroir June 7, 2011 ; Le train de la vie II – Doris, 2010, guitar,  electroacoustic, Blanc Mesnil conservatory (Ile de France, France) ; Le train de la vie I - LR , 2010, electroacoustic, diffusion by France Musique « Electromania », December 2010 ; p. 53  (I,II,III,IV,V), 2008,  guitar,  Blanc Mesnil conservatory (Blanc Mesnil, France),  June 2008, éd Questions de Tempérament, Bordeaux, France), Catalogue n° 448, CD - « Pages acoustiques » (Christelle Séry) ; Imamusi, 2008, vla. chit, B.sax, pf, Blanc Mesnil conservatory (Blanc Mesnil, France), june 2008

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