Katja Luhtala

(born in 1964, in Helsinki, Finland, resident there), composer, musician, singer and theatre professional. She studied classical from the age of ten. At the age of twenty she started to write songs and play guitar. She begun to play in different bands and had many different musical influences from all over the world especially during her years in Stockholm's international atmosphere 1986-1991, and after that in Naples, Italy until 2000. Since 2009 she is a solo performer and since 2010 additionally the keyboardist of the band Still Water Family. Her composing is inspired by many different musical fields, from classical music to rock, punk and folk music. Her education includes: BA in Philosophy 2010, University of Helsinki; Post Graduate studies in Performing Arts (theatre directing) Stadia, University of Applied Sciences 2006-2007; 4 years full day schooling in Performing Arts, graduated as a performing arts professional from Stadia University of Applied Sciences 2003.
Recordings: Cd Safe European Home 2012, published by Freehand Music Finland

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