Cruz López de Rego Fernández

Was born in Barcelona in 1957. She started her musical studies at an early age in the Barcelona Municipal Conservatory. In 1974 she moved to Madrid where she ended her piano, chamber music and musical pedagogy studies at the Madrid Royal Music Conservatory with the highest marks. She completed her studies with Ana de la Cruz, Pedro Espinosa and Adelino Barrio. She also graduated in Law at the Complutense University. She focused her firsts years of her professional life to the field of musical pedagogy, being teacher (Catedrática) at the Education Teacher University in the Madrid Autónoma University from 1981 to the present. In this field she has published various works. Of late calling to Composition she studied in Madrid with Román Alís and Antón García-Abril and in Siena (Italy) with Franco Donatoni.