Nelly Lipuma

born in 1971, in Italy, resident in Vienna), composer. She studied piano at the conservatory “ Vincenzo Bellini”in Catania with prof. Agata Catania, a pupil of Carlo Zecchi, and she received her diploma as pianist. After her diploma she went to Kvln Germany, Kvln, where she worked as accompanyist for singer. Between 1997-1999 she studied composition and orchestral conducting in Vienna and took her diploma. Some of her works were played at the International  Competition for Chamber music in 1997 in Modica (Ragusa). During 2000-2001 she was choir teacher at the American international School in Vienna. Her new compositions were played  for the Osterreichischen Gesellschaft für Zeitgenvssischen Musik (VGZM) in 2000, Kunst in Grauen Haus and in 2001 Kinder-Kunstler-Komponisten, sonntagsmatinee. The Steinway Haus organized a concert with her piano music in 2001. Besides her work as conductor, composer, teacher and pianist, she loves singing. She has sung in many choirs, such as the Arnold Schvnberg-chor, the Wiener- Jeunesse- choir, the Wienerkammerchor and travelled throughout Europe with these choirs, working with many world renowned conductors. She also conducted her own choirs. A mixed-voice choir a tempo, and in 2001 she founded a girls choir, the Vienna International Girls Choir (VIGC) with the purpose of awaking in young girls the joy of music. She participated in the Talente Projekt chamber concert in Art Culture Center in the museumquartier of Vienna. She has been chosen to conduct the Concert in honour of the Italian Presidency of the council of the European Union in which occasion she presented her new work: Symphonia per l’Europa. She is an active conductor, piano teacher and composer.. Her music has been played in many different countries: Italy, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria.
Selected works: Many of Nelly Lipuma’s pieces were written and performed in Vienna, such as the Wiener Quintet, dedicated to the city of Vienna. In June 2000 she produced a CD’s some works of mine, with artists from the “University fur Musik and darstellende Kunst in Vienna and from the Niedervsterreichische-Tonk, Kunstler Orchester”. She has written music for piano, duo, trio, quintet, larger ensemble and choir

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