Miquela Lladó

(born in Baleares, Spain). Singer and songwriter. She began her musical career as a songwriter in 1967 in the New Song movement. She founded Music Nostra and Siurell Elèctric groups, and has colaborated with the Symphony Orchestra of Baleares.With the recording "Com un ventall" (2004), returned to her beginnings as a songwriter, accompanied by Pastor Toni, guitars and laud, and David Runnion, cello. In 2007, she received a tribute from the city of Palma de Mallorca in recognition of her musical career and her contribution to the revival of traditional Mallorcan music. She taught English at the College of San Cayetano de Palma de Mallorca.
Selected works: Com un Ventall (2004)
Awards: In 2000 she received the Cerverí Girona award for her lyric Fandango Jardí.

Contact: www.miquelallado.com