Ángeles López de Artiga

(born in Massamagrell, Valencia, Spain, on 10th April 1939). Composer, singer, pianist and pedagogue. She studied in Valencia, Madrid, Graz and Salzburg achieving the highest grades and awards. As a composer she has published orchestra compositions, operas, sonatas series of songs, pieces for piano, etc., premiered in England, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Canada, United States, Russia, Germany, Denmark, etc. In 1990 she was invited to Harvard University (USA) to present her work as a composer. In 1999 her opera "Elsa´s Goodbye" made its debut in Broadway (New York). She sang the leading role of Elsa. Her Majesty the Queen of Spain, Doña Sofía, accepted her dedicatory for the edition of her preludes for piano "Los Inmortales". As a soprano she has performed with The Berlin Philarmonic, The Viena Philarmonic, The Mozarteums of Salzburg, Palau de la Música of Valencia and Barcelona, at the Auditoriums of Madrid, Milán, Rome, Sttutgart, Copenhague, Budapest, Boston, etc. She has recorded numerous albums of her works and the International repertoire for serveral record companies. As a pedagogue and musicologist she has had numerous books published. Since 1992 she has directed the series of lectures and concerts "Las Artes En Pararelo" in the Palau de la Música of Valencia. She has been director at the Institute of Musicolgy for the Valencian Local Government, as well as professor at the Music Conservatoire of Valencia. She is member of the Arts Advisors Council at the the Valencian International University.
Selected works: Recordings: Ángeles López Artiga canta a..., Xirivella Records 1984; Ferraro (Pasodoble), CD Studio 88 Mirasound, 1995; Los Inmortales: Sonata, CD Madrid: Acusta Productions. Other works: El adiós de Elsa: ópera en un acto, s, t, symphony orchestra, choir, ballet; Ballet, 2003, vl, trb, cb, pf; Big Apple Suite (1. Manhattan- 2. Central Park- 3. Broadway- 4. Manhattan again), 1995, symphony orchestra; Big Apple Suite (1. Manhattan- 2. Central Park- 3. Broadway- 4. Manhattan again), 1996, vl, cb; Broadway, 2008, vl, cb, pf; Broadway, 2008, pf; Canço de bres per a Marta, 1979, voice, pf.
Awards: She was bestowed with the "Ausias March" award for her important contribution to music as a performer, a composer and a musicologist. She is an honorary citizen of her native town "Massamagrell". The Valencian Academy of Music nominated her as Notable of the Valencian Music.

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