Ivana Loudovà

(born in 1941 in Chlumec, in Czech Republic, resident in Prague), composer. She studied composition at the Prague Conservatory and Academy of Arts, as well the Paris Conservatory. Her teachers were M.Kabelàč, E. Hlobil, O.Messian and A. Jolivet. She has written more than a hundred works: for orchestra, chamber music, vocal music, choral music, pedagogical music. Her works are published by C.F Peters, G. Schirmer (USA), Computer Music (NL), Panton and Supraphon (CZ). She worked as a freelance composer from 1972 until her appointment in 1992 as a professor of composition and music theory at the Prague Music Academy. In 1996 she founded there "Studio N"-Studio for contemporary music, with which she developes a lot of activities Her creative activity is accompanied by compositions for children - choruses, cantatas, successions, instructive compositions - which suggest the authoresses looking for a corrective for her aggressive style. Taking part in a number of composer competitions has brought the authoress outstanding appreciations. At the beginning of her art career she obtained an honourable mention in Mannheim for the compositon Rhapsody in Black. The music of Ivana Loudova finds favour with both interpreters and listeners, it si interested in abroad: a lot of titles have been published by the American houses Schirmer and Peters, some compositions were world-premiered abroad, e.g. in the USA (Chorale - 1971, Hymnos - 1973, Dramatic Concerto - 1980, Luminous Voice - 1986), in Switzerland (Partita in D - 1977), in Italy (Sonetto per voci bianche - 1979).
Selected works: Ballata antica, for trombone and piano; Per Tromba, solo trumpet; Quintetto giubiloso, for brass quintet, Musica festiva, 3 tps, 3 tbs; Cassazione, 4 tps, 4 tbs, tuba; Chorals; Hymnos; Magic Concerto; Concerto for 6 percussionists, organ and concerto band; Luminous voice. Concerto for English horn and concert band, Chamber Compositions Sonata for violin and piano (1960-61), Sonata for clarinet and piano (1963);String Quartet No. 1 (1964);Gnomai, trio for soprano, flute and harp (1970); Air a Due Boemi, for bass-clarinet and piano (1972); Romeo and Juliet. Renaissance suite for flute, violin, viola, violoncello and harp or lute (1974); String Quartet No. 2 "In Memory of Bedrich Smetana" 1974; Partita in D for flute, harpsichord and strings(1975)
Awards: the Arts Prize of Heidelberg; three times she was the winner in the competition Quido d'Arezzo in Italy (1978) with the works Sonetto per voci bianche, 1980 - Benedetto sia il giorno from the Italian Triptych, 1984 - Occhi lucenti e belli; a dozen prizes were won for her choral compositions of the Festival of choral production at Jihlava and in the competition of children s choral production at Jirkov; further prizes she was awarded in the international radio competition in Moscow 1978 (Little Christmas Cantata) and on the Redletter Days of Songs at Olomouc 1983 (Songs about the Rose).

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