Maria Lithell Flyg

(born in Snättringe/ Vårberg, 1965, resident Stockholm/Sweden), is a composer in the pop music as well as classical music fields. She sang in choirs as a child and she also wrote her own songs and lyrics. During her years in high school she got her first job as a vocalist when she started to sing in the choir at the Royal Opera in Stockholm. Here she worked for 11 years from 1986-1997. In 1997 – 2001 she studied at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. In 2005 she started her own record label and in 2006 released her debut album Blessing and Curse. In 2010 Lithell Flyg began her composition studies at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. She has written music for choir, chamber and orchestra and her music has been performed by the Swedish Radio Choir and Stockholm Wind Ensemble. Her music has also been broadcast on Swedish Radio. In her pop music you can hear influences from both the singer/song writer tradition as well as from the classical tradition. Lithell Flyg composes, produces, arranges her pop music herself and often uses "classical" instrument such as bassoon, marimba and strings.
Selected works: Emotionally driven, for str; Dream Cabinet, for harp, vl, vlc; Minnet, for fl, ob, cl, cor, fag; Tides; Shake me; Jill and Joy; Someone is knockin; Trash-can.
Selected recordings: Tides, 2014; Blessing and Curse, 2006 ; Thirst, 2001.
Publications direction: Available at Svensk Musik/Swedmic AB.

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