Greta Lindholm

(born 1941) is described as a musician whose instrument is dance. It is characteristic of her approach to dance that she uses the dance form's own power to elevate and support itself, and even its own capacity to contain music. Her performances are presented as seamless, complete shows, in which she performs solo, sometimes with one or two musicians on stage. Eric Bibb, Mattias Helldén, John Surman, Rainer Kuisma, Red Mitchell and Anders Holdar are some of the musicians who have accompanied her performances. During the 60's Lindholm studied Theatre History at Stockholm University, Music at the Daleroze Seminary, Dance at the Ballet Academy of Stockholm, Choreography at the Istitute of Choreography in Stockholm and Mime with Marcel Marceau in Paris. She has written the music to several theatre productions for, among others, Peter Weiss, Alf Sjöberg and Suzanne Osten. Lindholm has also written dance programmes for Swedish television whereof The Silent Voice, could be considered as one of the most important.
Selected works: Konkylie, a bouble concerto for four singers and four dancers, had its premiere in 1986 at Stockholm's Kulturhus.