Malene Langborg

(born in 1965, in Gentofte, Denmark), composer. She is a jazz vocalist with a personal sound/swing/feel and performs in duos and big bands. In addition she is a singer/songwriter and has performed solo with guitar in Denmark and Sweden. Latest CD contains her jazzy pop/folk songs and was recorded/mixed/engineered/overdesigned by Malene in her summer house.
Selected works: Malene Langborg 3songs (2000), Langborg/ Rasmussen/ Dige/ Drud Jazz at the Stars (2003); Malene Langborg Jazz Junction I wanna play jazz (2005); SommerhusSange (2010).

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María Concepción Lebrero

(born in Toro, Zamora, Spain, on 24th July 1937). Composer, pianist and teacher. At the age of 10 she received her first prize in piano at the Conservatory of Salamanca. At 13 she obtained a Piano degree in Madrid, with another first prize. She continued her musical studies in Madrid, earning several awards, among which are the special "Luque" awards in Piano Virtuosity "Jesus Guridi" in Organ. Her compositions include music for children, several cycles of lieder for voice and piano, some recorded for RNE, choral works, piano and for organ, cantatas and oratorios. She received commissions from the CDMC and Religious Music Week in Cuenca. Today she is dedicated primarily to teaching and composition.
Selected works: Ave María, choir (5 voices- bi), org; Canciones de salmos y cantos religiosos (1. Aclama al Señor – 2. Aclamad, justos – 3. Dichosos los que esperan – 4. El Señor ama a su pueblo – 5. Envías tu aliento – 6. Oh, Dios, que te alaben), 1996- 2003, choir, org; Remembranza de Juan de la Cruz (1. Soñando; 2. Despertando; 3. Cantando; 4. Tocando la guitarra; 5. Arriesgando; 6. Pensando; 7. Ascendiendo), 1989, chi; Canciones sobre textos de los s. XVI y XVII (1. Muere la vida – 2. Cantilena – 3. Soneto -4. Letrilla), 1984, a, pf; Canciones sobre textos de Rubén Darío (1. ¿Viste triste sol?- 2. Lied -3. Panorama – 4. Plegaria – 5. Amar – 6. Falaz primavera – 7. Tarde del tropic), 1982, a, pf; Cantata "In principio erat Verbum", 2000, choir (voices- bi), org, chamber orchestra; Cantata por la Paz, 1987, a, pf, choir (voices- bi), symphony orchestra, reciter; La Dama y la muerte, 1991, s, a, vlc, pf; Misa "Santa Clara", 2003, choir (5 voices- bi), org
Awards: She was awarded a First Prize at the International Organ Competition in Avila, in dual mode of interpretation and composition, as well as an Honorable Mention for her work Stabat Mater for chorus and orchestra during the Religious Music Week in Cuenca.

María Eugenia Luc

Was born in Argentina in 1958. She studied music at Rosario National University (Argentina), the L.I.P.M (Research and Production Music Laboratory Buenos Aires – Argentina), Contemporany Civic Music School in Milan (Italy) and the National Music School (France, 1995-1998), Paris University (France), and the Basque University in Spain. Her works have been awarded on numerous occasions. She is currently professor at the Basque Fine Arts University and MUSIKENE (High School Music). She was KURAIA President (Bilbao Contemporary Music Group) since its founding in 1997 until 2000. From 2001 and continuing today is Artistic Director of KLEM (KURAIA Electroacoustic and Multimedia Laboratory) where she developed an extensive research, training and dissemination of new streams of sound art and interdisciplinary creating.