Ida Lundén

(born in Gothenburg, 1971, resident Stockholm/Sweden), is a contemporary composer mainly in the EAM and chamber field but she has also written music for theatre, film, dance and orchestra. She was the composer in residence at Swedish Radio P2 in 2011-2013. In her music you can hear her exploring of sounds and new ways of playing, for example, in her piece Vingring and Rrrp! In Boom-choff-leuit you can hear African wind-music and in Spänst åt alla (Vigour to everyone), the music is a performance-based solo piece. In Var modig mitt blödande hjärta (Be brave my bleeding heart) she worked together with her sister, the singer and performance artist Sara Lundén. In another project, which resulted in the music for the film Transire, she wrote music for the duo Jonny Axelsson and Ivo Nilsson, for self constructed synthesizers, trombone, percussion and five co-players. Lundén studied jazz piano and improvisation at the College of Music and Drama in Gothenburg. In 1996-1998 she studied composition with Sven-David Sandström at Gotland School of Music and in 1998-2002 with Pär Lindgren and Bent Sörensen at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, in 2001-2002 with Mathias Spahlinger, at the University of Music in Freiburg, Germany. In 2002-2005 she studied and graduated with a Postgraduate Diploma in Music Composition, from the Royal college of Music, Stockholm. Between 2004 -2005 she held a scholarship at KunstForumHellerau, Dresdner Zentrum für zeitgenössische Musik and 2006 she was artist in residence and received the Omega Award at Visby International Center for Composers. Lundén is a keyboard player and performer in the fields of improvised music, avant pop and other experimental music. She collaborates with artists, film makers and dancers and plays regularly in the groups Ludd, together with Lise-Lotte Norelius, Syntjuntan and Konatus with Dror Feiler a. o. Lundén is a member of the board of the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.
Selected works: Grenvarv a musical walk in Pildammsparken, Malmö. A co-operation between landscape architects, visual artists, composers and musicians; Traktorbiblioteket for fiati quintet, perc; Concerto for playground together with Åse Ekström, daycare children play following a score. In Almedalen, Visby; Ett sorts omelett, an amplified making of an omelet mixed with tape, overhead projection and egg slicer. Lilla p for fl, vl, vlc, pf, composed for The Peärls Before Swine Experience; Klogolk for 3 rec, cemb; Ibland är man glad, fast lite ledsen, sound installation; Schfstr for 2 cb; Dadodado, 2003,for chit solo; Hlp for fl solo and electronics, com. by Anna Svensdotter.
Publications direction: Available at Svensk Musik/Swedmic AB
Awards, selection: 2010, Stockholm Stads Kulturstipendium (The city of Stockholm culture grant); 2006, 2007, Artist in Residence at VICC, Visby; 2007, FST, (The society of Swedish Composers); 1999 Fredrika-Bremer-Förbundet (The Fredrika Bremer Alliance); 1994 Adlerbertska stipendiefonden (The Adlerbertska grant foundation)

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Ivana Loudovà

(born in 1941 in Chlumec, in Czech Republic, resident in Prague), composer. She studied composition at the Prague Conservatory and Academy of Arts, as well the Paris Conservatory. Her teachers were M.Kabelàč, E. Hlobil, O.Messian and A. Jolivet. She has written more than a hundred works: for orchestra, chamber music, vocal music, choral music, pedagogical music. Her works are published by C.F Peters, G. Schirmer (USA), Computer Music (NL), Panton and Supraphon (CZ). She worked as a freelance composer from 1972 until her appointment in 1992 as a professor of composition and music theory at the Prague Music Academy. In 1996 she founded there "Studio N"-Studio for contemporary music, with which she developes a lot of activities Her creative activity is accompanied by compositions for children - choruses, cantatas, successions, instructive compositions - which suggest the authoresses looking for a corrective for her aggressive style. Taking part in a number of composer competitions has brought the authoress outstanding appreciations. At the beginning of her art career she obtained an honourable mention in Mannheim for the compositon Rhapsody in Black. The music of Ivana Loudova finds favour with both interpreters and listeners, it si interested in abroad: a lot of titles have been published by the American houses Schirmer and Peters, some compositions were world-premiered abroad, e.g. in the USA (Chorale - 1971, Hymnos - 1973, Dramatic Concerto - 1980, Luminous Voice - 1986), in Switzerland (Partita in D - 1977), in Italy (Sonetto per voci bianche - 1979).
Selected works: Ballata antica, for trombone and piano; Per Tromba, solo trumpet; Quintetto giubiloso, for brass quintet, Musica festiva, 3 tps, 3 tbs; Cassazione, 4 tps, 4 tbs, tuba; Chorals; Hymnos; Magic Concerto; Concerto for 6 percussionists, organ and concerto band; Luminous voice. Concerto for English horn and concert band, Chamber Compositions Sonata for violin and piano (1960-61), Sonata for clarinet and piano (1963);String Quartet No. 1 (1964);Gnomai, trio for soprano, flute and harp (1970); Air a Due Boemi, for bass-clarinet and piano (1972); Romeo and Juliet. Renaissance suite for flute, violin, viola, violoncello and harp or lute (1974); String Quartet No. 2 "In Memory of Bedrich Smetana" 1974; Partita in D for flute, harpsichord and strings(1975)
Awards: the Arts Prize of Heidelberg; three times she was the winner in the competition Quido d'Arezzo in Italy (1978) with the works Sonetto per voci bianche, 1980 - Benedetto sia il giorno from the Italian Triptych, 1984 - Occhi lucenti e belli; a dozen prizes were won for her choral compositions of the Festival of choral production at Jihlava and in the competition of children s choral production at Jirkov; further prizes she was awarded in the international radio competition in Moscow 1978 (Little Christmas Cantata) and on the Redletter Days of Songs at Olomouc 1983 (Songs about the Rose).

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Jeanette Lindström

(born in Ås/Östersund, 1971, resident Stockholm/Sweden), is a jazz vocalist and composer. Lindström's focus is on composing and performing her own material, both music and lyrics, but she has worked in other bands and projects and appeared on several occasions as a featured vocalist with jazz groups, big bands and chamber and symphony orchestras. Lindström has performed and toured throughout the Nordic countries as well as France, Belgium, UK, Japan and Canada. After being awarded the Jazz in Sweden prize in 1995, Lindström recorded her debut CD, Another Country, on the Caprice record label. This recording was followed by I saw you 1997 on the same label. In 1998 she recorded and toured with Norrbotten Big Band, led by trumpeter Tim Hagans in collaboration with pianist Kenny Werner, resulting in a CD with music by Kurt Weill as well as repertoire associated with Frank Sinatra, which was released in 1999. For several years Jeanette worked in a duo along with pianist Steve Dobrogosz. In 2000 they released the CD Feathers, Prophone Records. Her CD Walk was released in 2003 and in 2005 the album In The Middle Of This Riddle was released, both on Amigo record label. These two consist mainly of Lindström's songs. Her first standard album in her own name, Whistling Away the Dark was released in 2006. The song Leaf from the CD In The Middle of This Riddle was remixed in 2007 by the American DJ and producer King Britt, and was released exclusively on iTunes Europe. Another track from the same album was featured on the Saint-Germain des Pres Café – Ladies in Nu Jazz – Volume 7, alongside tracks with Norah Jones, Jamie Cullum, Susi Hyldgaard and others. On her album Attitude & Orbit Control, 2009, Playground Music Scandinavia /Diesel Music, drummer Magnus Öström from Swedish e.s.t. co-produced together with Lindström herself, and he is also playing drums. In 2010, she received a Swedish Grammis for the album within the Jazz category.
Selected works: All the world's a Stage, lyrics by Steve Dobrogosz; White lady in the window, lyrics by Steve Dobrogosz
Selected recordings: Leaf –The King Britt Remixes EP, 2007;
Publications direction: Available at Svensk Musik/Swedmic AB
Awards, selection: 2010, Swedish Grammis in category Jazz Album of the Year for the CD Attitude & Orbit Control.Diesel Music.

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