Irene Kepl

(born in 1982, in Linz/Austria, resident in Vienna), composer. She began to learn violin at 7 years old. At 14 she studied at the “Anton Bruckner private university” classical violin with Arkadi Winokurov as well as chamber music, Jazz and improvisation with Andi Winokurov and chamber music. Jazz and Improvisation with Andi Schreiber and Christop Cech. In 2008 earned a degree in Master of Arts with honours and now lives as a freelance musician and composer in Vienna.
Irene Kepl plays classical music as well as contemporary music, Jazz, improvisation and Balkan music. Engagements as a solist and chamber musician e.g. at the Landestheater Linz or for Linz 09-European capital of culture”. She plays at festivals like “Klangspuren” Tirol “4020” Linz “unlimited” Wels, AT, “Jazzfestival Pedrovac” MF, “Mama Duna” DE, “Lent” SI, Spanzieren HR. Irene Kepl premiered e.g compositions by Katharina Klement, Judith Unterpertinger and Klaus Lang. Improvisation for silent movies and free improvisation; composition, film music and soundinstallations.
Selected Works: 2007-2010 composition of Jazz & Groove Pieces (CDs: Ton in Ton: zu Fuss, move along. Jazzwa live); 2001-2004 soundtrack of feature films “die Wirtin” and “die Stimme” from Gruppe: Filmkunst; screenings: Filmcasino Vienna/AT, Schubertkino GRAZ/AT, Movimento Linz/AT, international film festival Eksperimento Manila/PH; 2011 soundtrack and soundesign of “my green is perhaps your blue-Chinese whispers”, animation film from the visual artist Alfred Grubbauer, screenings: Crossing Europe Filmfestival Linz/AT, Festival Kino Otok, Izola/SI); 2004 “Lebenstunnel” music for an installation by “Pro mente OO, Statthalle Enns, AT, 2010 Klang Mosaik steady sound installation in the municipal office of Ottensheim, AT, 2010 “Am Galgen.” composition for dulcimer, violin, trombone, double bass regarding Christian Morgensterns “Galgenlieder”, 2011 “between here and there”- composition for violin, bassoon, text and live painting dedicated to the Bosnian writer Alma Lazarevska.