Irina Karamarkovic

(born in Pristina, resident in Graz, Austria) performer, composer, arranger, ensemble director and author. She studied jazz singing at the Graz University for the Arts. Her specialties are jazz and world music, especially the various groups, from a capella to big band and on to electronics (with Balkanizer and La Cherga). The Irina Karamorkovic Band presents traditional songs from Kosovo in contemporary form.
Discography: Balkea and Border Confusion, Sandy Lopicic Orkestar (CD, Network Medien), Sounds of Kosovo, LA big Band (CD ATS Records).” The controversy of independence”- La Big Band Feat. Irina Karamarkovic (GESA  Records 2009), Fake no more – La Cherga feat Irina Karamorkovic (Asphalto Tango Records 2008), Mirrors of Gulliver – Jonathan Swift Remixed- The Core Company (The core Company 2007), Songs from Kosovo –Irina Kamarkovic Band (GLM 2009), Border Confusion-Sandy Lopicic Orkestar (Network Medien 2001), “The presence of music from Southeast Europe on the Austrian jazz scene – sociocultural, economic, political and musical aspects” institute for Jazz Research, University of Music and Performing Arts Graz 2013).
Performances: various collaborations with different types of artists, such as the Sandy Lopicic Orchestra, Shantel, and LA Big Band. Numerous international concerts and festivals (with Irina Karamarkovic Band, LA Big Band feat Irina karamarkovic, La Cherga feat. Irina Karamarkovic, Sandy Lopicic Orkestar, Philippine Duchateau Grande Reserve, Der Gitarren der Liebe, Frauenband Gottfried, etc), Art and culture counselor of the city of Graz, work with interpenetration Festival and interpenetration concerts series, Graz, cultural coordinator for Assembly of European Citizens, Paris, Theater works with Feniks (Pristina), Grazer Schauspielhaus, Theater im Bahnof,Schaubühne Graz, Theater Mobile (Graz) and Theater Mudwerk /Follow the Rabbit (Franfurt and Graz).
Awards:“Schreiben zwischen den Kulturen“, intercultural literature award.

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