Tine Louise Kortermand

(born in 1968, in Roskilde, Denmark), artist, composer and singer. She experiments with alternative trends in both the art and music worlds; from the poetic to raw, from pop culture to innovative expressions. In her compositions, she starts from musique concrete - sampling sounds from everyday life and turning them into music. Her lyrics are often written using source interviews with selected people. In her lyrics she examines the problems of everyday life and the issues of modern lifestyle. She is a member of Komponistforeningen. She made concerts in London, Bristol and Exeter, concerts at Roskilde Festival, Junior. She made with Lone Gislinge and Butoh dancer/choreographer SUEN (S) a tour in the Nordic countries 2012- spring 2013.
Selected performances: Nordic Nüshu. First performance October 2012, Syddansk Musikkonservatorium, Esbjerg/Denmark; Project by Tine Louise Kortermand in cooperation with Electromusician and sound artist Hans Sydow (DK); I'm like a Bird, live performance at Johannes Larsen Museum, Kerteminde; Mopedsongs duets for moped and vocal; 9 Names of Denmark, 2010, compilation CD released by Danish Arts Foundation's Music Committee; Undercurrent, performance, video installation, elektronic music and folksongs; Jane and the Jungle Boogie. Solo performance, video installation and concert; Grass Keeps Growing, Mobil sound installation on grassgrowed bike; Jane and the Jungle Boogie. Living art performance, video installation and concert. Womens Museum in Denmark,

Contacts: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | www.kortermand.dk