Afrodita Katmeridu

(7.4.1956) studied composition with Frantisek Emmert, Miloslav Istvan, Alois Pinos, and Zdenek Zouhar at the Janacek Academy of Music. She has written Chamber music: Two Miniatures for solo violin (1978), String Quartet No. 1 (1979), No. 2 (1981), No. 3 (1985), No. 4 (1999); Barbaric Dance and Finale for solo violin (1985); Voices of the Past, for voice, clarinet, piano, and viola; Rapsody for solo violin (2002). While her orchestral works include: Impulsioni e meditationi per violino solo e orchestra (1982), Prelude for String Orchestra (1983), Impressions for String Orchestra (1995); Concerto for violin, orchestra, and percussion. She has also composed Electroacoustic music.