Biljana Krstić

(Obrenovac, 27 th December, 1970), pianist and composer studied with Milic Ivanovicin in the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. She worked as a piano teacher in the Josif Marinković Music High School and is now teaching at the Stanković Music School in Belgrade. She performs in chamber music concerts with eminent Serbian musicians and her pupils win prizes in national competitions. She is a member of the Association of Serbian artists, EPTA Serbia and the Women in Music Association, Kragujevac. Her works have been obligatory for the International Donne in Musica competition in Kragujevac since 2006 and include: Piano: Sonatina, Spring Valse and Tango Etude: Piano 4 hands, Puppet Rondo, Valse on Ice, Tarantella, Tango, The Clown, and Sambatina.