Aleksandra Kovač

(Belgrade, 30 th September, 1972), singer, composer, songwriter, arranger and producer, was born into a family of musicians. Her father Kornelije Kovač was one of the most successful composers of pop and rock music in former Yugoslavia, and her mother, who died in 2006, was the songwriter Spomenka Kovač. She has two younger sisters; Kristina, born in 1974, also a musician, and Anja, born in 1988, who is an actress. Surrounded by music throughout her childhood, Kovač began playing the piano at the age of fifteen, writing her own material and founded the K2 band with her sister Kristina. As a supporting act the sisters played all over the United Kingdom and in London clubs. Between 1990 and 1995 they had a recording contract with Mismanagement, collaborating with renowned British producers and composers, but after the contract expired they returned to Belgrade and released their first album, K2, which sold seventy thousand copies. They published a second album – Malo soula (Little bit of soul) and after the break-up of the band Aleksandra founded a production team with Roman Goršek, a former member of Playboy. She has written songs for numerous Croatian and Bosnian performers (Nina Badrić, Ivana Kindl, Žak Houdek, Din, Severina, Goran Karan, Boris Novković, Vesna Pisarović, and Sandi Cenov). Her first solo album Med i mleko, arrived in 2006, when she won the Best Adriatic Act Award at the MTV Europe Music Awards. She has written music for many theatrical productions (Kapetan Džon Piplfoks, Goli kralj, Aždaja i carev sin, Dva carstva), for commercials and TV shows and, with Roman Goršek, she created the soundtrack for the TV series Lisice. At the Joakim Vujić theatre festival, they won the prize for their score for “Tempest “ directed by Jug Radivojević.