Marlaena Kessick

Italian citizen born in New York, studied at the Paris National Conservatory and graduated from the Conservatory “G. Verdi” of Milan. Her studies include: violin (beginning at two years of age under the guidance of her concert violinist mother), flute (Gaston Crunelle Paris Conservatory), opera singing (with Lina Pagliughi and Ettore Campogalliani), composition (Franco Donatoni), orchestra conducting (Antonino Votto), dramatic art, and classical ballet (Vitale Fokine). Winner of the Italian Ministry of Education competition, she taught in the Milan Conservatory from 1969 until 2005, giving summer courses of perfectionment in Italy (Lanciano from 1970 to 1985) for various European associations and in U.S.A. An internationally famous concert artist (Duo Kessick/Canino, Trio di Milano), she has recorded 15 LP/CDs. Invited as orchestra conductor in Italy, Germany and Romania, her compositions of chamber music, symphonic, didactical, ballets and musical comedies, are published by Berbèn, Curci, International Music Co., Peters, Ricordi, Sonzogno, Zanibon and others. She is Artistic Director of the Ente Concerti Castello di Belveglio, of the summer musical courses Festival of the Gulf of Castellabate (Salerno), and is professor of post diploma “virtuosité” three year seminar for the Clara Wieck Schumann Academy.