Anné Kulonen

Finnish born composer. She is also a sound designer and singer/songwriter working in commercials, film and TV. Her diverse musical output ranges from electronica to classical, ambient to jazz and vocal music to sound art. She works as a freelance composer for various music production companies around the world, from Europe to the Americas to Australasia. Her commercial projects have included: Ready Brek in the UK, Pan-European campaign for Epson, Ponds in China and Indonesia and National Lottery in New Zealand. Her other recent work includes the music for a series of 3 commercials for CGA Canada and the score for the film By Night, which was a finalist for the Berlin Today Award at the Berlin Film Festival. In addition to her film and TV work she has created electronic music scores for award winning contemporary dance performances and composed music for theatre. Anné also creates some more personal music as a singer/songwriter under the name 'Anei'. These songs draw inspiration from her Nordic ethnicity.
Selected works: the score for the 3D film The Foundling; the score for the film By Night
Awards: award winning Parallel Lines, series funded by Philips and created in association with Ridley Scott Associates.

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