Merja Kokkonen (Islaja)

(born in 1979 in Helsinki, Finland), composer, singer-sonwriter and musician. Besides her solo career, she is a member of free improve and psych folk bands Avarus, Kemialliset Ystävät, and the trio Hertta Lussu Ässä. She has been compared to an acid folk version of Björk, a female Syd Barrett, and to Nico. Her music is notably psychedelic and very intimate using a large variety of instruments. Her solo music is often rather ethnic; sounding African, Middle Eastern and less easily categorized styles can be heard.
Discography: Meritie, 2004; Palaa aurinkoon, 2005; Ulual Yyy, 2007; Blaze Mountain Recordings, 2008; Keraaminen Pää, 2010; Melodi, Melodikia, 2006.