Liris Kaasinen

(born in 1995, in Liperi, Finland, resident in Espoo, Finland), composer. She studied composing as a secondary subject in Espoo Music Institute from 2009 to 2010 with the teacher Sebastian Fagerlund, and from 2010 to the present with the teacher Riikka Talvitie. In 2013 she participated in the Concert, at Musica Nova Festival in Helsinki. She obtained the second place in Uuno Klami, competition for young composers.
Selected works: In the night, 2009, for musical saw and string quartet, performed at Kuhmo Cahmber Music Festival; Kallio, 2010 for two French horns and piano performed at Festariti (festival) in Riga, Latvia;
Surupuu, 2011 for two French horns and string orchestra; Ilmatar, 2011 for soprano, violin and piano; Saule 2011 for two violins, French horn, violoncello and piano, performed at at Festariti (festival) in Riga, Latvia; A game of Flame, 2012 for two violins; Aavekell, 2013, Fantasia for violin and piano; A Race, 2007, for a string orchestra; Raindrops, 2010, for one or two kantele; Northern Lights, 2010, for a female vocal quartet.

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