Xaritini Kiriakou

(born in 1979, in Nicosia, Cyprus), composer. After graduating from the Art and Design Foundation Course Centre, at 18 she went to study Fine Arts at the University of Hertfordshire, England. After two years, she went to Athens, where she studied Music Technology at IEK Acne. In 2001 she presented her first solo exhibition, entitled "Female" with the nude female body as the central theme. In 2006 she released her book "After Ero" with her own poems also accompanied by her own designs. In 2009, she held her second solo exhibition entitled Margaret, in Gallery. In 2010, a calendar illustration for the Bookworm publication, created 13 pencil sketches, one for each month and one for the front cover. These sketches were the third report entitled Months Stay. In 2011 the art multiplex IS not A Gallery, presented her fourth solo exhibition entitled My Personal Person, presenting for the first time work from portraits. During ten years she has participated in many group exhibitions. At the same time, she takes part in concerts in which she presents her songs. She was a member of the bands "Injured Sofa", Omega 3"and now the "Sandy Brour".
Recordings: My Maitresa, 2012, a collection of ten of her own erotic songs and an orchestral piece, which was distributed free online.