Anna Kruse

(born in Sweden) is a Swedish/Danish jazz vocalist and composer. She was educated at The Ingesund School of Music/Karlstad University and at Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen. Kruse made her CD debut in 2009 with the record Lyckokatt which contains songs by Kruse with lyrics from Swedish author Edith Södergran.
Selected works: All with lyrics by Edith Södergran, Mot alla vindra; Nocturne; Två stranddikter; Tidig Gryning; Lyckokatt.

Xenia Kriisin

(born 1986, Gothenburg, resident Gothenburg, Sweden) is a Swedish composer.
Selected recordings: All on Luxury Records. 2013, Hymn; 2013, Firearms, single, 2013, Blackout, single.
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Agnete Kinman

(born 1944, resident Kimstad), is a Swedish composer, author and priest. She has worked as a priest in Tingstad parish where she has also had her music performed.
Selected works: Om jag än vandrar, 1991, commissioned and dedicated to by Per-Olov Sahl, for fl, tape, V-recit; Through, 1994, for ob, tape.
Publications direction: Available at Svensk Musik/SwedmicAB